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EA’s Madden NFL 22 releases on August 20, but you can actually start playing the American professional football game today. Just how do you do that, you might ask? Well we’re not going to keep it a secret. That would be weird.

The Madden NFL EA Play trial begins today, August 12, for subscribers–and only on console, apparently. That’s more than a week before the game officially launches. This is the full version of the game, but the one “catch” is that it’s only a 10-hour trial. As such, you’ll want to remember to close the game completely when you’re finished in a particular sitting so you get the most out of it.

To grab the 10-hour trial, you can simply search for Madden NFL 22 on your platform and, provided you’re an EA Play subscriber, it should show up as available to download. However, it can also be pretty tricky to find. On Xbox Series X, for instance, we had to go to the game’s page from the Microsoft Store app and select the “choose edition” option, where it was hidden.

According to RealSport101, the Madden NFL 22 EA Play trial will not be available on PC. PC players aren’t being left out altogether from early play, however, as the game’s Dynasty and MVP editions unlock three days early, beginning August 17.

And this is the full version of Madden NFL 22 without any time restrictions. These versions are also available on Xbox and PlayStation, with the same early access bonus.

The trial has begun appearing on consoles. Follow the steps above and you should be able to locate it and begin playing.

Madden NFL 22 features Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady on the cover, together. One of the game’s new systems is a home field advantage feature that aims to replicate how difficult it can be for away teams to win on the road. For more, check out the top Madden NFL 22 player ratings.

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